Thursday, February 3, 2011

BatteryFly's Top 5 Tips For Battery Longevity

Here at we're always receiving questions about how to extend the life of batteries. Below we’ve compiled our Top 5 Tips For Battery Longevity! True, by releasing these surefire battery saving tips we’ll probably sell less batteries in the long run, but we’ll sleep better knowing our customers are getting super long battery life!

BatteryFly's Top 5 Tips For Battery Longevity

#5 - New battery? Cycle it!

Whenever you buy a new battery always make sure to “cycle” the battery the first 3 – 4 times you charge it. This means give your battery a full charge and allow it to fully discharge. Even though newer technologies like Lithium-ion batteries are not susceptible to “memory effect” like old Nickel Cadmium batteries, the cells in a Lithium-ion battery need to be "awakened" from their dormant state and allowed to take a full charge to produce peak performance.

#4 - The Number One Deathblow For A Laptop Battery Is…

The number one way to kill your laptop battery (aside from dropping it off your roof) is to keep your laptop plugged-in at all times. Leaving your laptop plugged-in will keep your battery in a constant state of charging and will ruin it’s run time. Even though the little icon on your laptop toolbar indicates you’re on “AC power” you’re still running power through your battery and it'll continually stress your battery’s cells. When your battery is full disconnect your laptop from AC power and allow the battery to discharge while you use it. And if your laptop is turned off unplug it!

#3 - Room Temperature Is Your Friend!

Try your best not to leave your battery in any extreme temperature conditions. Exposure to extreme heat, like being left in a hot car, will kill your battery’s capacity because hot batteries drain rapidly. Cold batteries aren’t able to produce power as well as they can at room temperature. Obviously there are going to be times you need to use your batteries out in the sun or in the cold but do your best to keep them in moderate conditions to get premium use out of them.

#2 - Don’t Store Your Battery On Your Camera

When you’re done using your camera or camcorder make sure to give your battery a full charge and then remove it. Storing your battery on/in your camera will slowly discharge the battery and you’ll eventually end up storing a completely dead battery, which is a bad thing! Get in the habit of giving your battery a full charge, removing it from your camera or camcorder, and storing it in a dry room temperature environment.

#1 - Don’t Over Charge!

Leaving your battery on the charger for long periods of time when the battery is fully charged is the quickest way to ruin your battery’s life. Over stressing your already full battery cells is a big no-no! If your battery is full, take it off the charger. A few extra hours on the charger isn't going to hurt, but don't leave a fully charged battery on the charger for days on end. Otherwise you'll end up having to go back to to replace your worn out battery with a fresh new one.

Well there you have our top five tips on keeping your batteries in tip-top shape! Pass this list along to your friends and family and help them get the most life their batteries too!

Jordan Olsen
Marketing Director

Friday, May 16, 2008

Millimp Hour (mAh) Explained

At we often receive emails from customers asking “What exactly is the mAh number on my battery?” People sometimes worry that their battery isn’t going to work properly with their electronic device because the "mAh" rating on a battery is higher than the mAh on their old worn-out battery.

mAh stands for Milliamp Hour (or milliampere) which refers to how much power a particular battery can hold. In layman's terms, when comparing two batteries with the same voltage output, the battery with the higher mAh rating will hold more power and provide longer performance.

It’s important to note that batteries with differing mAh are, indeed, interchangeable. mAh isn’t like voltage. A larger or smaller mAh rating will not harm your electronics’. It simply refers to how long the battery will continue providing power.

So to summarize: the higher the mAh rating you can find on a battery the better! specializes in providing batteries with the highest mAh ratings available. If you’re looking to increase the length of time you can use your camera, camcorder, PDA, or iPod the first thing you should improve is your battery. Shop and compare our mAh rating on our batteries to the mAh rating on your current battery.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Not All Online Retailers Are Created Equally

Buyer beware when shopping online this holiday season for deals that seem too good to be true, because the old adage “you get what you pay for” is just as prevalent this holiday season as it’s ever been. Let us at explain…

When shopping online you’re bound to see (if you haven’t seen already) some retailers selling their products for literally $.01 and you think you’ve scored a great deal! Well, think again. Some dubious online retailers aren’t giving you everything you’re expecting.

We at thought we’d put one of our dirt cheap competitors to the test and buy one of their products for their advertised $0.98 price, barely a fraction of their actual cost (we know because we sell the same item) and uncover and disclose their business methods for you to see…


Be careful to take notice of shipping costs when buying an item. Some dishonest retailers are not up front about their outrageous shipping prices and only after you’ve bid on an item (through Ebay or other auction sites) you get the bill for huge shipping charges. You’ll often receive an invoice for First Class shipping prices at $10 - $16 (or more!) but this is only AFTER you’ve committed to buying the item. This is a classic bait & switch technique.

So why do they charge so much for shipping? Because they’re pricing their items next to nothing and are making all their profit on the inflated shipping price they tricked you into buying. They know most buyers will shop for the lowest priced item and they’re betting that most won’t check the shipping price before they buy. Don’t be suckered!

At our shipping starts at $5.95 which covers postage, packaging and handling. You’ll never see inflated shipping prices with us.


Take a look at the packaging our $0.98 battery charger came in. This is barely a plastic bag! There is no bubble wrap, no foam peanuts, no cardboard, there isn’t even any crumpled up newspaper. There is nothing to protect this battery charger from being crushed and damaged during transit.

This is an electronic power accessory that is going to be plugged into my wall outlet and they didn’t protect it from becoming damaged during shipment and becoming a potential shock hazard! This company doesn’t care about the quality of their products or the safety of their customers.

The only way this company is making any money is on their shipping prices, so they can’t afford to invest any kind of money into properly packaging the item. Pathetic.

At we only use heavy duty boxes and padded envelopes filled with peanuts to protect your items during shipping. It might cost us more, but your satisfaction and return business are important to us.


For lackluster companies (like this company) since they’re only making a few bucks on each sale they have to sell A LOT of items to make any profit. This is a numbers game and they know they need to trick a lot of people into buying to make any profit and they can't waist any funds on customer service.

This particular company we purchased from is selling tens-of-thousands of items each month, but offers no customer service what so ever. They can’t afford to.

Just take a look at this screen shot of their feedback rating on Ebay. Over 2500 negative feedback scores in the last 12 months!?! That’s atrocious! We at cannot even contemplate running a business with so many dissatisfied customers. But to this company (and many others like them) they don’t care if you’re unhappy. They know they’re playing a numbers game and are just trying to move as much product as they can and hope most people don’t bother contacting them back when they're dissatisfied.

This particular item we purchased from this company didn’t even include an invoice. They didn’t include information to contact them if I had a question about the item or if it arrived damaged. They’re simply hoping when I have a problem I’ll just not take the time to hassle with them over it. This is just unprofessional.

At we include a 1-Year Warranty and a No Hassles 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for free with all of our products. We also include our phone number on the homepage of our website as well as contact information on your itemized invoice.


There really are a lot of great deals you can find when shopping online, like when shopping for power accessories at However, there are some online companies out there who are looking to take advantage of you by using bait and switch methods and cutting costs on shipping supplies and customer service. It’s unfortunate that online companies create distrust with online shoppers and make it harder for honest companies to do business.

At we promise to offer you quality power supplies for the most honest competitive price available and with honest shipping charges. On top of that we also promise to always carefully package and ship your items as quickly and safely as possible. And beyond that we also include a 1-Year Warranty and a No Hassles 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on ALL of our products.

Your satisfaction with our products and service is vital to us at and we will never compromise that or our reputation to make a quick buck.

Have a safe and pleasant online shopping experience this holiday season!


Jordan Olsen
Director of Marketing